Tsuro of the Seas™


Sail the treacherous waters of the Mystic Seas in an engaging game of adventure and suspense! As the captain of one of the Emperor’s mighty Red Seal ships, you will place wake tiles to navigate the seas and direct your vessel. Take great caution to avoid your opponents’ ships – and dangerous monsters lurking on the horizon and under the sea! Guide your ship with a steady hand and be the last captain sailing to win!

Ages: 8+
2 to 8 Players
Time: 20-40 Minutes
Designer: Tom McMurchie / Jordan Weisman
Artist: Dawne Weisman
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In Tsuro of the Seas™, the classic Tsuro gameplay remains as accessible as ever – place your tile, move your pawn, then draw a new tile – and try to be the last pawn standing on the board to win.  But nowyou must also beware of the daikaiju – giant sea monsters that roam the board, consuming tiles, players, and even other daikaiju!

To start your turn, you must roll both dice. If the combined result is a 6, 7, or 8, the daikaiju move, following arrows on their tiles. Any daikaiju or Wake tile that is hit is removed from the board. If it’s a player’s ship that is hit, that player is out of the game!  The last player remaining on the board is the winner!

Game Features

  • Fun, Fast, and Exciting: Tsuro of the Seas™ is an easy-to-learn, fast-moving game that is playable by all ages and levels of experience. No two games will ever play the same.
  • Gorgeous Artwork: In traditional Tsuro fashion, Tsuro of the Seas™ pulls the players into the game’s world through beautifully crafted pieces and exquisite artwork. Tsuro of the Seas™ makes a great coffee table game.
  • Strategic Gameplay with Random Elements: Players can easily see and plan for the dangers ahead, but they never know when danger will strike!

Expansion Sold Separately

There’s even more excitement to be had in the Veterans of the Seas Additional Tile Set™, which includes new dangers and ways to defend yourself!

  • 1 Game board
  • 56 Wake tiles
  • 10 Daikaiju tiles
  • 8 molded Imperial Japanese Red Seal Ship pawns
  • 2 dice (1 gold, 1 blue)
  • Rules
Product Specifications
Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 9.75 × 2.5 in

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