Patrician: Towers of Influence™


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As a master builder in medieval Italy, take orders from aristocratic families to build breathtaking towers. Score by controlling the tallest towers and by collecting sets of Patrician portraits.  At the end of the game, the builder with the most victory points wins!

Ages: 8+
2-5 Players
Time: 20-50 minutes Minutes
Designer: Michael Schacht
Artist: Andrew Hepworth
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During the Middle Ages, magnificent towers rose throughout the cities of Italy. They were breathtaking symbols of the fantastic prosperity of the aristocratic families, known as Patricians. As a master builder, you’ll follow the whims of your patrons, building the greatest towers floor by floor. But to be the best, you must outthink your competitors, gain the favor of the upper class, and leave your mark across all of Italy.

Patrician: Towers of Influence™ is delightfully effortless to play.  Each turn, play a Building card, which allows you to add to a tower in the matching city.  Some cards allow you to take special actions that help you or hinder others. Next, take the face-up card from the pile next to the city where you just built a tower.  As the game goes on, players will continue to build up the various towers, and points are scored for who controls the tallest towers in each city, as well as for playing Patrician portrait card sets. In the end, the builder with the most points wins!


  • Elegance For All: This classic game by famed designer Michael Schacht will satisfy newcomers and longtime fans alike with its approachable yet strategic Euro-style gameplay.
  • To The Sky: Stacking wooden towers is the core of Patrician: Towers of Influence™, providing unique and fun gameplay swathed in a beautiful classic Italian art style.
  • More To Love: Patrician: Towers of Influence™ includes the exciting Trade Routes and Delegates expansion modules, providing optional advanced modes of gameplay and new ways to score.
  • A Gaming Renaissance: With its simple ruleset and engaging, ever-changing gameplay, Patrician: Towers of Influence™ is the perfect weight to satisfy all audiences, from families and casual players to dedicated gamers.
  • 1 double-sided Game board
  • 145 Tower pieces
  • 20 Prestige tokens
  • 55 Building cards
  • 6 double-sided Trade Route markers
  • 24 double-sided Bonus Prestige tokens
  • 4 Delegates cards
  • 5 Reference cards
  • Rules
Product Specifications
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13.6 × 7.1 × 13.6 in

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