Capital City™


Howdy, pardners! In this here fast-playing card game, you’ve got one year to help build the most famous town in all the West! Hire kinfolk, put people to work, build an economic engine, and earn points. Act fast and be clever, because at the end of the year, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game and becomes the new Mayor of Capital City™!

Ages: 8+
3 to 6 Players
Time: 30-50 Minutes
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Brian Bowes
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Capital City™ is a casual strategy card game in which players have only four seasons (rounds) to expand their Wild West town!

First, they bid for player order for the current season.

Next, they choose Character cards from the train to put to work, and then purchase Building cards to form Main Street.

Then, players attach Character cards to the Building cards to earn Dollars or Victory Points! Attached Characters are workers that provide combo bonuses – for all players –  if they match other kin from same family!

At the end of four seasons, the player with the most Victory Points wins!



  • Quick Engine Building: Capital City™ creates strategic and rewarding experience that takes less than 40 minutes to play.
  • A Big City: Entertain up to six players in a single game of Capital City™, making it an easy choice for larger families, parties, and gaming groups.
  • Beautiful Presentation: The eye-popping, fanciful artwork showcases the fun and adventure of building the Old West with animal families from six unique character groups.


  • 36 Building cards
  • 54 Character cards
  • 4 Season cards
  • 6 Priority cards
  • 60 Dollar tokens ($1, $2, or $5 denominations)
  • 60 Victory Point tokens (1, 2, or 5 denominations)
  • 1 Rulebook
Product Specifications
Weight 1.2000 lbs
Dimensions 8.5000 × 6.4000 × 2.0000 in

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