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Almost all Calliope games host 2-6 players, are taught in about 5-10 minutes, play in under an hour, and cost $50 or less. In short, they are perfect for classrooms, libraries, and gameschooling! Whether your goal is to teach, reinforce, or just have fun, you can count on our games to keep your students engaged and excited!

Below you will find recommended school subjects and concepts to which our games apply. You can also find lesson plans for specific games. Check back frequently as we continue to add to the list.

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Educational Concepts:


Educational Concepts:

Tsuro Game of the Path Calliope Games cover
Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Spatial reasoning, Identification, Cause and effect, Decision making, Inferencing, Strategy creation

Note: Does not require reading

Recommended Grade Levels: K-4

Lesson Plans: Creating Shapes, Measuring Length

Roll For It purple edition dice game Calliope Games
Roll For It!

Number identification, Dice identification, Probability, Addition, Multiplication

Recommended Grade Levels: 1-8

Lesson Plans: Bar Graphs, Repeated Addition, Probability

The Mansky Caper

Teamwork, Probability, Ratios, Counting, Addition, Multiplication

Recommended Grade Levels: 5-8

Lesson Plans: Probability

Enchanted Plumes card game Calliope Games
Enchanted Plumes

Color identification, Number identification, Classification, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Negative numbers, Inferencing

Recommended Grade Levels: 1-6

Lesson Plans: Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Dicey Peaks Cover by Calliope Games
Dicey Peaks

Symbol identification, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Inferencing, Probability

Recommended Grade Levels: 1-6

Lesson Plans: Probability- Higher or Low

ShipShape game cover by Calliope Games

Spatial Awareness, Transformation

Recommended Grade Levels: 7-9

Lesson Plans: Transformations (Rotation and Reflection)

Station Master board game box Calliope games
Station Master

Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Negative numbers, Inferencing

Recommended Grade Levels: 4-6

Mass Transit card game box cover Calliope Games
Mass Transit

Teamwork, Communication, Inferencing, Classification

Recommended Grade Levels: 2-6

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