Frequently Asked Questions

At Calliope Games, we publish fun, affordable, family-style tabletop games for all to enjoy.

  • For gamers, our titles make the perfect “gateway” or “filler” game. They allow you to easily draft your non-gamer friends into your favorite hobby. Calliope games are excellent for starting out game night and are easily played between heavier games.
  • For casual players and families, we are a fun and easy way to grow your library of games to pull out and play with friends and family.  Our titles are simple to pick up and play.

Our games are designed for adults, but kids love to join in the fun, and we love that!

The bottom line is that we create games that are accessible and affordable by all players regardless of skill level or age, play in under 60 minutes.  And most of all… they are a blast to play!

Calliope Games began as a collaboration between Ray Wehrs,  Dawne Weisman, and Jordan Weisman. All are experienced game industry professionals who have worked together since 1999 when they collectively launched WizKids. Calliope Games has been producing and selling quality tabletop games since 2009. Our products are inspired by family for families. To date we have released dozens of titles, from board games to card games!

Here are the folks running things:

  • Ray Wehrs, President and Founder
  • Michele Wehrs, Chief Financial Wrangler
  • Chris Leder, Director of Fun™
  • Andy Hepworth, Art Director
  • Risa Petrone, Social Jockey
  • Ken Franklin, Senior Yeoman

Yes we really do get this question a LOT! It’s pronounced:



Still have questions?  Please Contact Us and we can help!


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