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About Calliope Games

Calliope Games began from Ray Wehrs’s desire to spend time playing games with his wife and daughters, while contending with their limited free time and desire not to learn a lot of rules. He wished there was a publisher that he could count on to always have games that could be taught in about 5 minutes, play in about an hour, and handle enough players for the whole family.

So he made one.

Calliope Games publishes tabletop games for players of all ages and levels of skill.  More than that, we use boards, cards, dice, and pawns to set the stage for people to share experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.  Our goal is to provide the games so you can create memories together!     

About the Calliope Games Team

Calliope Games is a small, family-run business created by Ray Wehrs,  Dawne Weisman, and Jordan Weisman. Today, Ray heads up our team that is spread out across multiple countries. One thing we all have in common is our love for games, and gathering people around a table.

Ray Wehrs headshot

Ray Wehrs- President and Founder

Ray Wehrs has an in depth history with the hobby game industry as part of the initial founding team of WizKids. He was also actively involved with Mayfair Games, EDOC, and Smith and Tinker. Today, Ray is the Top Dawg at Calliope Games and is directly responsible for the company’s vision.

My favorite Calliope game is:
Each Calliope title holds a special place in my heart; however, Double Double Dominoes remains an all time favorite… followed closely by Allegory and Station Master.

In my free time I like to:
Spend time with my girls, ride my Harley, or take note of any one of the country’s fine craft beers with industry friends.

Michele Wehrs Headshot

Michele Wehrs- Chief Financial Wrangler

Bio Coming Soon!

Chris Leder Headshot

Chris Leder- Director of Fun™

Chris is Calliope’s Director of Fun™, which means everything from developing new games, to filming silly videos.  Chris originally got started in the industry when he pitched his game Roll For It! to Calliope Games at Gen Con.

My favorite Calliope game is:
Gotta go with my babies, Roll For It! and Mass Transit.

My gaming group includes:
Everyone is welcome at my game table, even knuckleheads like Ken Franklin and Kevin Rodgers.  I have loved watching my kids become better and better players.

The types of games I play are:
Typically, I love cooperative games where players can share in the joy of a well-earned victory together.

I know way too much about:
Back to the Future.  I could quote you the whole movie.  Let’s begin…!

Andy Hepworth Headshot

Andy Hepworth- Art Director

Andy is the Art Director at Calliope Games. That means he wrangles as many artists as the budget allows, and tries to keep them on a consistent track regarding the style and type of the thing we are making. Or occasionally make them himself if that avenue is appropriate for the title.

Before joining Calliope in management, he was a freelance artist for something like 15 years, mostly doing RPG work: a lot of World of Darkness art, Exalted, Victoriana, Legend of the Five Rings, and Love Letter to name a few.

My favourite Calliope game is:
Allegory for David’s art. No, Mass Transit for the clean design, no… Tsuro because… Ugh! Like asking me to pick a favourite child!

My favourite snack to bring to game night is:

If I wasn’t in board games I’d be:
Something in comics. I hope. Maybe. You are assuming I planned any of this…

Ken Franklin Headshot

Ken Franklin- Senior Yeoman

Ken is the self-described “old guy that gets stuff done!”; He handles everything from customer service, to game development, to helping Ray pare down his inbox. Games are Ken’s constant through 25 years as an Army Family Physician, 15 years as a civilian Family Physician, and now in retired life running game nights at Franklin Farms Game Nights. Some play to win, Ken plays to Grin!

My favorite Calliope game is:
Of course, The Mansky Caper. It’s my first published game, and I invested 18 years of love into the idea to get it published.

A fun fact about me:
I once taught Art Fleming, the original host of “Jeopardy”, how to host a game show. I also got to stand in for him during rehearsals. Mind. BLOWN.

I have a special talent for:
Alliteration and dad jokes. At conventions, you can guarantee that Chris Leder and I will get into a pun-off at least once. Paramedics are routinely assigned to treat the brain-injured bystanders.

Need to chat with us? We’d love to hear from you!

Calliope Games
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