Tsuro Spotlight: Pawns

Luxury Tsuro Dragon pawn surrounded by fire

Tsuro Luxury Limited Edition Spotlight: Pawns

I think we can all agree by now that every aspect of Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition is indeed dazzling. But while every component got an incredible upgrade, none is quite as obvious as the pawns. What used to be plastic pawns of the same shape just in different hues have now become 9 unique metal casts in 4 distinct stains: bright gold, tarnished gold, tarnished silver, and tarnished bronze. And yes, you read that right. Nine unique casts. Not only are all 8 player pawns getting upgraded, but the dragon tile, used to determine who gets path tiles once the pile runs out, is getting its own upgrade into its own gleaming dragon statuette.

Closeup of Luxury Tsuro pawns in their seating pillow

The journey from plastic pawn to metallic cast began with Art Director Andy Hepworth. He was tasked with creating the original designs for each of the pawns, which would include 4 dragons and 4 phoenixes, all with their own design and, dare we say, personalities. Andy designed far more than 4 of each, because what looks beautiful on paper doesn’t always translate to a three-dimensional pawn. Factors such as weight, material, and balance also had to be accounted for, not just the visual appeal.

original sketches for Dragon Statuette for Tsuro Luxury Limited Edition
Original Sketches for Tsuro Luxury Limited Edition Pawns

Once designs were finalized, Andy had to create a turn-around reference of each design for the sculptor. Usually one to draw a single perspective of his art, now Andy was tasked with identifying and showcasing every single angle of these incredible pieces. Of course he took to it like a champion, designing, modifying, and showcasing each pawn to its ultimate.

3D sculpt of a luxury Tsuro dragon pawn

Of course the one thing this entire project had in common was “things went wrong,” and the pawns were no exception. Finding someone to produce these individual casts accurately and safely was not an easy feat, even with all of Andy’s hard work. There was also the pillow, which needed to be molded for each individual pawn and hold each one safely for transit and display.

Luxury tsuro pawns safely sitting in their molded pillow

Of course, all good things are worth working for, and we are incredibly proud of the product that arrived in prototype form at our door. Adjustments are being made even now to create the absolute ultimate of a gaming centerpiece.

Are you ready for Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition? Which of the pawns is going to be yours when you get it on your table?

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