Calliope Winter Carnival Coming December 1-12

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The holiday season is upon us! We are so excited to be starting a brand new offering that we hope will become a yearly tradition: The Calliope Winter Carnival!

Join us for 12 days and 12 exclusive opportunities to score some limited-edition Calliope games and accessories! Each day we will make a new product available on our website for 24 hours only.
For some of these products, this is your first and only opportunity to find them outside of conventions. We’ll even be offering very limited numbers of out-of-print games such as Hive Mind and Menu Masters!! Here’s what you can look forward to scoring:

Schedule of Games

Day 1 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Rainbow Tsuro Pawns

Day 1- Wednesday December 1st, 2021

Make your path a little more colorful with these rainbow Tsuro pawns originally available through the Tsuro Phoenix Rising Kickstarter in 2019.

Day 2 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Capital City Titan Edition

Day 2- Thursday December 2nd, 2021

Become the rootin’ tootin’ Mayor of the West with the Titan Edition version of Capital City by gaming Titan James Ernest.

Day 3 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Dicey Peaks Alternate Cover

Day 3- Friday December 3rd, 2021

Make your trip up Yeti Mountain just a little more treacherous with this alternate cover for Dicey Peaks, originally available only for Kickstarter backers.

Day 4 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Running with the Bulls Titan Edition

Day 4- Saturday December 4th, 2021

Avoid all the bull and grab the Titan Series edition of Running with the Bulls by Titan designer Paul Peterson.

Day 5 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Ancestree Titan Edition

Day 5- Sunday December 5th, 2021

Prove your family is the best of all with the Titan Series edition of Ancestree, by Titan Eric M. Lang, featuring an exclusive golden logo.

Day 6 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Menu Masters Titan Edition

Day 6- Monday December 6th, 2021

Now’s your chance to snag the Titan Series version of Menu Masters by Titan designing duo Jordan and Zach Weisman. The retail version of this game has been out of stock for over a year!

Day 7 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Tsuro Phoenix Rising Kickstarter Edition

Day 7- Tuesday December 7th, 2021

Score the Kickstarter Edition version of Tsuro Phoenix Rising, which includes the rainbow phoenix pawns, exclusive twilight portal tiles, and storage tray.

Day 8 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Spymaster Titan Edition

Day 8- Wednesday December 8th, 2021

Prove you’re the greatest spy of them all with the Titan Edition of Spymaster by gaming Titan Seth Johnson. Make sure to “think inside the box” and explore all options for an expanded play experience.

Day 9 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Station Master Deluxe Edition

Day 9- Thursday December 9th, 2021

The Deluxe Edition of Station Master is pulling into the station! This Kickstarter exclusive showcases a flip-top, magentic-close game box and 6 brand new wooden pawn styles. 

Winter Carnival Day 10- Hive Mind

Day 10- Friday December 10th, 2021

The party game of bee-ing alike is back! The retail version of Hive Mind has been out of stock for months, but we have a very limited number of Titan Edition copies available.

Day 11 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- ShipShape Titan Edition

Day 11- Saturday December 11th, 2021

Stack the deck with this Titan Series edition of ShipShape by gaming Titan Rob Daviau!

Day 12 of the Calliope Winter Carnival- Roll For It! Gen Con Edition

Day 12- Sunday December 12th, 2021

We’re closing out the 12 Days of Games with Roll For It! Gen Con Edition, which originally debuted at Gen Con 2014. Only 20 copies available!

Oh and don’t forget: we are offering free shipping for U.S. orders over $75 until December 12th!

What game are you most looking forward to adding to your collection?

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