The Calliope Games 2021 Gift Catalog 🎁

Greetings, Calliope community!

We’re excited to share a special treat with you today to celebrate the holiday season. Do you remember the days of rushing to the mailbox to find the department store catalogs and to start creating your ultimate wish list? Well, it’s time to take a walk down memory lane with some virtual magic! Our team has carefully crafted this book to give you a complete overview of all of our current games—including our own suggestions for potential giftees and a space to record your thoughts. Want to take a closer look before booking your festive family game night? Simply point your phone’s camera at the QR codes in the corners or screencap them and then click on the image to be instantly transported to their own informative page. Happy flipping!

(P.S.-That little box in the bottom right makes it full screen for an easier read.)

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