The Mansky Caper Gameplay Variants

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The Mansky Caper Gameplay Variants

This week’s game variants are going to look a little different. Unfortunately, due to its highly interactive nature, The Mansky Caper just doesn’t lend itself to a solo variant. Trust us, we tried! But that’s okay! There is a delightful 2-player variant that introduces a getaway driver in the rulebook, and if you manage to figure out a way to add another person to contend with (a butler, perhaps?), let us know!

What we have today are several smaller changes that can have exponential impact on the game. Some come from BoardGameGeek, some come directly from designer Ken Franklin, and one comes from a delightful kid and junior Calliope team member who knows how to influence a game. We’ll let you decide which ones are which.

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Gameplay Variants

Image of a timer

Timed Mission
Set a timer somewhere between 25 minutes to an hour depending on player count and how pressed you want to be. You need to have the loot and be at the getaway car before the timer goes off, or the mansion blows up! (Alternatively, you can have Big Al come home for a less explosive ending)

Danger Danger Die landed on Big Al Mansky

Big Al’s on His Way
Once all 5 rooms in the mansion are unlocked, roll the Danger Danger die after each player’s turn. If it lands on Big Al, he comes home and the jig is up! You all manage to escape out the back, but only with whatever loot you’ve already collected. The game ends immediately and scoring begins.

Mansky Caper mansion with 3 rooms

It’s a Mini Mansion!
For smaller player counts (2 or 3 players), only have 3 rooms instead of 5.

Character pawns from The Mansky Caper

Age Before Beauty
Rather than random character selection, characters are chosen in player age order, with the youngest player going first. Perfect for family game night!

Character selection cards from The Mansky Caper

With Friends Like These
Rather than random character selection, allow players to choose each others’ characters! We’ve found this version really increases the amount of favor tokens utilized in the game.

Plan to give any of these variants a try? Let us know how it goes! Make sure to tag us on social media so we can see all the fun.

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