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Tsuro Gameplay Variants

This time when it came to game variants, we took to social media to hear your favorite ways to play the Game of the Path. Of course, if for some reason you found your way here and you don’t know how to play Tsuro yet, make sure you check out our Everything You Need to Know About Tsuro guide first!

Here are some (but certainly not all) of our favorites:

Tsuro gameplay of the longest path

The Game of the Longest Path: instead of the winner being the last player standing, the winner is the one who traverses the most tiles. This encourages players to interact more with each other as they try to ride the wave of another player’s tiles. High risk, high reward!

Tsuro 2 player variant with 4 tokens

2-Players, 4 Tokens: When playing a 2-player (or 3, or even 4, we can’t stop you!) game, you’ll control 2 tokens instead of 1, but you’ll still be working with the same 3-tile hand. You’ll have to decide which stone to place your tile in front of. This gives you a little more wiggle room for where to put your tiles, and keeps players in the game longer.

4 Tsuro tokens about to meet

Find Your Better Half: A variant on a variant, in this version you’ll be playing with 2 tokens each, but you’ll have them start on opposite sides of the board, and your goal is to make them meet! First player to have their pawns crash into each other is the winner!

Tsuro game variant with visible tiles

Open Tile Season: Instead of each player having 3 tiles in their hand, there are 3 tiles placed face up where everyone can see them. On their turn, players choose one of the tiles to play, and the tile is replaced with a new one. This variant sounds like it’s going to inspire a lot of cries of, “no don’t take that one!”

Successful run of Tsuro solo variant

Solo Variant: Place all 8 tokens in various starting locations. Using only 3 tiles in your hand at a time (drawing back up to 3 each turn), your goal is to keep all of the tokens on the board by having them end in the center, all facing the same empty space. This one is hard. I personally consider it a win if I can get 5 tokens to the end.

Do you play Tsuro in a different way that we haven’t showcased? Let us know here or on social media, and use #calliopegames so we’re sure to see it!

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