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Roll For It! released in late 2013, and by the next year it was already proving to be a big hit. We realized we had a fantastic opportunity to create a small promotional item to further the Roll For It! fun, so Chris set about designing a fast and entertaining solo game that fit the Roll For It! style. And thus, Roll For It! Express was born! Throughout 2014 and beyond, specifically-branded Roll For It! Express was used as a promo item for Watch it Played, Origins Game Fair, and many other events and projects. Roll For It! Express uses six dice from any Roll For It! set, along with a single Express card, which is now available to print at home! It’s a quick and entertaining solo diversion perfect for a lunch break or a night of solo gaming fun!

Roll For It! Express- Solo Variant

Roll For It! Express Setup

Your goal in Roll For It! Express is to get as close to 30 points as possible using only 6 dice and 3 rolls.

Roll For It! Express gameplay

Roll all 6 dice and try to get each of the sums (4, 6, 8, and 12) in as few dice as possible. When you place a die on the card, cover up one of the squares. You’ll subtract 1 point from your total score for every die placed on a -1 square (gold Calliope squares do not detract points). You can choose to reroll any unused dice, but you only get 3 rolls total to get as many points as possible.

Roll For It! Express scoring

If you can place dice equal to exactly the number in the quadrant, you score that many points! If you didn’t manage to place dice to equal exactly the number in the quadrant, subtract the value of pips from your total score. Subtract 1 point for every die placed on a -1 square.

We usually carry Roll For It! Express at every convention we attend, so if we see you in 2022, be sure to ask for a copy. If you would like to download the Roll For It! Express cards to print and play at home, you can do so here.

If you give any of our game variants a try, be sure to let us know on social media, and use #CalliopeGames so that we’re sure to see it! We might even feature it in an upcoming newsletter.

Happy gaming, Calliope family!

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