Everything You Need to Know About Everyone Loves a Parade!

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Everything You Need to Know About 
Everyone Loves a Parade!

It’s the final week of the Calliope Games Summer Travels series and we are ending with a big celebration! 🎉🎉 And what better way to celebrate than with a parade? As we know, Everyone Loves a Parade! (See what I did there? Do you, do you get it? Because that’s the name of the game? Okay great!)

Everyone Loves a Parade game box and components

Everyone Loves a Parade marched into the world in 2018, designed by Titan of Gaming Mike Mulvihill (Disney Villainous, Golem Arcana) for the Titans of Gaming Kickstarter. Players compete to collect the float decorations that the crowd most wants to see in order to become the Grand Marshall!

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How to Play

Quick Start Guide

Everyone Loves a Parade game setup with Red pawns

Choose your player color, and the 3 float pawns, chassis card, and score marker of that color.

Set out 5 decoration cards in the middle of the table (this is the decoration Warehouse), and underneath them place facedown Crowd cards equal to the number of players times 3 (so for example you’d put out 12 cards for a 4-player game). Basically, you’ll be playing 3 rounds and everyone will play one float per round. 

Everyone Loves a Parade sample gameplay

Each round you’ll reveal as many Crowd cards as there are players, and place the color and decoration dice shown on the cards. These are what the crowd wants to see! Going clockwise, each player will choose a Decoration card from the warehouse trying to match one of the Crowd cards (you can change that strategy as you go).

Everyone Loves a Parade sample decoration card actions

You can then choose to activate the Decoration card’s special ability, which can range from rerolling a die, to swapping a card, to moving a die from one Crowd card to another. You can use this power to benefit yourself, or maybe give another player a little “take that”! You’ll go around choosing Decoration cards three times per round.

Everyone Loves a Parade order cards

After everyone has chosen their three Decoration cards, players reveal their randomly distributed Order cards, and then get to choose which Crowd card to try to match based on that order. You’ll put one of your float pawns on the Crowd card you’re matching.

 Keep in mind that the Order cards also have special abilities, and the lower you are in choosing order, the better your ability might be.

ELAP Blog scoring

Choose one Crowd card to score. If you have a matching color (blue, yellow, red) or item type (flowers, balloons, streamers) you score the points listed on the card. And if you happen to match both the color and the decoration type, you score it twice.

Note that you can only match the dice currently sitting on the Crowd card, it doesn’t matter what was originally printed on the card.

Play continues for 3 rounds, and the player with the most points wins!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the game?
Right here on our website! You can also find it at your friendly local game store, or any convention Calliope Games attends.

When I play the “swap a card from my hand with a card from the warehouse, can I then use that card’s action?”
No, you’re just getting the card. No waterfall of actions for you!

Can I try to match multiple crowd cards?
Nope, just one per round. That’s why you flip over Crowd cards equal to the number of players, and why those Order cards matter so much!

Is there any sort of catch up mechanic?
Yes! After a round, the player with the lowest score becomes the first player. This gives them the first chance to get a decoration card that will be the most helpful.

Did I spot a reference to another Calliope game on the Crowd cards?
You most certainly did! We put little inside jokes to several of our games and our staff’s hobbies into the crowd cards. If you spot them, let us know!

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