Dicey Peaks Game Variants


As we continue climbing mountains this week, we’d like to spotlight some awesome contributors on Board Game Geek who make sure the fun doesn’t stop! Here are some of our favorite game variants for Dicey Peaks. If you’re not sure how to play, check out our Everything You Need to Know Guide first.

Solo Mode Variant

A HUGE thanks to Eric Miller on BoardGameGeek for inventing a Solo Mode variant that you can read in its entirety right here.

The highlights are below:

Dicey Peaks Oxygen Tanks

In this version, you’ll carry multiple oxygen tanks, and what you get is what you get: no resting! Choose how hard you want your trek to be:

  • Easy: 4 Tanks
  • Medium: 3 Tanks
  • Hard: 2 Tanks
Dicey Peaks custom tiles

You cannot advance farther than your tank will let you: even if you roll 5 axes, if you only have 2 levels in your tank, you can only go 2 spaces.

Every time you empty a tank, you automatically go forward one space as you drop your carrying weight.

Dicey Peaks yeti

For an extra variant, you can look for evidence of the Yeti. Spend 1 oxygen to roll 3 sets of dice, freezing avalanches and Yetis, and keeping an oxygen token if you get 3 yeti symbols. Your goal now becomes to gather as much evidence as possible, while still making it to the top of the mountain.

Dicey Peaks custom dice

For an extra challenge, you can make 3 tents a bust, as well as the usual 3 avalanches or 3 yetis!

The Yeti Variant

Zach Lorton took the solo mode and ran with it, creating a terrifying version of the Yeti that roams the mountain, and if it catches you, you lose! Thanks a lot Zach, we didn’t need to sleep tonight. You can use this variant with the solo mode, or try it in the regular gameplay!

Dicey Peaks Yeti Standee

Begin with the Yeti pawn (or a marker of your choices if you don’t have the Yeti) on the top of the mountain. If you ever roll less than 3 Yeti symbols, the Yeti descends that many spaces. If you ever end your turn on the same token as the Yeti, it’s game over!

The solo variant version has the yeti turning around to chase you if it goes past you, but if you’re playing with multiple players, perhaps it moves towards the closest player. Yetis do have a good sense of smell after all. At least, that’s what we hear…

Do you have your own variant of Dicey Peaks that you play with? Let us know on our social media, and use #DiceyPeaks!

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