Enchanted Plumes is Now Available!

Just in time to finish out Pride Month, we have the most colorful game in Calliope’s repertoire: Enchanted Plumes!

In this game your goal is to score the highest number of points by having the most beautiful plumage of them all to attract the attention of the peahen. You’ll do this by creating descending rows of peacock feathers where the top row of cards is negative, the rest of the rows are positive, and you get a bonus for every bird you complete equal to the number of cards in the peacockBut in order to get the cards you want, you’ll need to swap from the train of cards that all players can access, so you might be giving your opponent the exact card they need to impress the peahen and win the game! 

Enchanted Plumes is designed by Brendan Hansen, is for 2-6 players, and plays in 30-50 minutes. The perfect game for a bright and fun summer!

Check back here for videos and reviews of the game as they are released!

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