Mass Transit Available Now!

It’s finally here! We’ve been waiting the entire month of May to make this announcement, but now that it has officially made its final stop into your Friendly Local Game Stores, we can at last say, “Mass Transit is available for purchase!” Although to be fair, we honestly didn’t expect this game to arrive until November! It’s a pandemic miracle!

Mass Transit is Calliope’s first cooperative game, playing 1-6 players, in about 25 minutes. In this game, you’re working together to get the 6 commuter meeples home to the suburbs from their jobs in the Big City by playing bus, ferry, and train cards, while avoiding traffic, dead ends, and handling limited communication. With its pocket size and theme, it is the ultimate travel game.

Mass Transit box and meeples at a ferry port

We have been having a wonderful time playing this game at all different player counts (although we don’t have recordings of my multiple solo runs and losses), so if you’re curious about how it might work for your game group, you can check out any of these videos.

2 Players:

3 Players:

6 Players:

You can find Mass Transit right now at your Friendly Local Game Store, or you can order it through our website right now!

We hope you find the game and enjoy it with your friends, your family, and get the chance to try it solo!

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